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crazy carla continuing to colonize your colon

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27th August 2005

5:59pm: ........THE NEVERENDING SUMMER OF CARLA........

For the first time since I was like maybe three, I can actually say that I had a fantastic summer. I spent mid July to August in Portugal and then after only a week of being home again I went to New York.

So many stories to tell....I guess that I will start with the most recent ones from New York. I was walking along East 50th street with John one afternoon. I was all in the 'I'm in New York and loving' it mood', just taking it all in. I had a great outfit on, I was wearing my favorite circle flower skirt, I had my shades on. All of a sudden out of nowhere, I giant gust of air came and blew my skirt up. I freaked out and wrapped my arms around the front and back of my hips, but that only made the sides of my skirt blow up even higher. All the while I was squealing desperately. Then John put his arms around me and at first I was like "what the hell is that going to do? Cover my ass if anything!" Once he had led me to the opposite edge of the sidewalk I realized that I had been standing over a subway grate. A Spanish street artist who had seen the whole thing go down said " you looks like marlin molrone" I guess he meant Marilyn monroe. For the remainder of the trip I wore pants since it's hard to maneuver in huge crowds when one is worrying whether the next grate is a sewer of another subway grate.

At the Metropolitan Museum, I nearly cried when I saw the Degas exhibit. I never thought that a collection showcasing women bathing, combing their hair and drying off could be so moving. And I am still haunted with the desire to be a ballerina...damn it I can't shake it off.I argued with John who was not impressed with the Matisse special exhibit. He likes Classical form, lost when it comes to expressionalism. All in good fun.

Ok, JLo was right, the six train is great...the subway system there is actually efficient. A foreign notion to the TTC. We ate a lot at this place called "The Pump" it's energy food but it's really good. They have several of them throughout the city and they are fabulous.

And I had two celebrity sightings...actually one, the other was a no name to anyone else except for me and Jess. I saw Brandy from America's Next Top Model in front of our hotel. At La Guardia Airport, we saw Elijah Wood. At first John said "hey there's Tobey Maguire", and when I looked I said, that's not Tobey, that's Frodo!!! He was on our flight, and thanks to the fact that my suitcase was on the wrong tarmac, I stood next to him at Pearson. Now of all of the Lord of the Rings cast, why him? Now if it had been Vigo or Orlando....well hmm.

Besides that all I have to say is that to my experience, the people of New York don't live up to their stereotype. Everyone we met or asked directions to were really nice and actaully pleasant. Maybe all that fear after 9/11 made them soft.
Current Mood: grateful

16th June 2005


Ok, so I know that I usually complain that I have no life but these past weeks have been really crazy busy. Hum, where can I begin? I went to go see Evita, and here's a funny story about that....

Some weeks before the musical extravaganza took place, I thought John asked me if I wanted to soo *Aida (that's what I heard). I said, "Wow I had no idea that was playing!". Smiling, John said "Yep". So for weeks I was looking forwrd to seeing Aida, I downloaded all the songs and looked up the synopsis. But on the day of the show, I realized that we were in fact going to see Evita. So then I was unprepared because I had been looking forward to the wrong thing.

Anyway so thats what happened with that. My Mom's birthday was on June 4. I got her the book "French Women don't get fat" because she said she wanted it becuse she saw it on Oprah. My mom always buys whatever Oprah recommends. SO then she got mad at me because my brother did not get her anything. Spoiled brat. I was doing my hair when she started interrogating me as to why he had not even gotten her a card, as if had something to do with it.

So last weekend I went to my cousin's Bar mitzvah in Philadelphia. No I am not Jewish, his father married a Jewish woman, and so the children are being raised according to her tradition. The highlight of the whole event was when someone in front of me farted 3 times (the 2nd time was fire gun farts...pow pow pow) right in my face. I never had the giggles so bad. I could not stop. I just held the prayer book up to my nose and held ny breath. When I thought the worse was over, I looked up at John and I know I was not safe to look at him again until we got home.

Trying to enroll in my courses...didn't get into any ......sad. I am now harassing professors to let me into their class.
Current Mood: determined

24th May 2005

12:49pm: Happy Bomb Day!!!
The past few weeks have gone by so fast. Yesterday was a full moon. No wonder I felt funny. This weather sucks. I hate overcast grey skies, they give me a headache. I want nice sunny weather with perfect white fluffy clouds, warm enough to crash Paola's house and go swimming in her pool. I could be her Kimmy Gibbler. I always though the Gibbler got the short end of the stick. I mean, she was always there for DJ, even when she was going out the Steve. And lets not forget, she forgave DJ when she forgot her sixteenth birthday party. And Gibbler even hand the cool light clapper in her room. Up to then it was used only by senior citizens, she made it cool.
Current Mood: nostalgic

7th May 2005


I am here at work with nothing much to do. I am working in the office and all the programs are running smoothly, there are no messages to return, and I have only had one registration all morning. I have only been here for about an hour and a half, and I have to stay until one. At least that gives me a lot of time to enjoy this nice weather in the afternoon.

Yesterday I bought a mother's Day gift for my mom. I got her a small radio/cd player for the kitchen because the one that she has does not play cd's and has really bad reception. So then I thought that I would be nice and throw in a cd too, since she does not have any. But my conscience told me one thing and my rationality told me another. She has been raving about this new group called "Il Divo" that she saw perform on The View or on Oprah. I knew that she would really like that cd, but I also knew that she would probably play the cd over and over for days, weeks, months and years; until one day it would come to the point that at the sound of the first lines to any of their songs I would involuntarily start to gag on my own vomit. So then I considered my options. It was either "Il Divo" or any miscellaneous Josh Groban cd. I went with the lesser evil.

So at the checkout counter of the Best Buy in Woodbridge, with my overpriced radio and Il Divo cd on the counter, I reluctantly handed over my debit card. When the transaction was complete, the peroxide headed cashier just put the receipt on top of the box with the radio in it. She then turned to the next person in line and let out a "hi", which a deceased person could have delivered with more enthusiasm. I looked at her and I thought that this would be enough to express that she had failed to give me a bag. But by the time I was going to ask for one, she had already begun to ring up the next person. I just figured that maybe they did not give bags anymore. So I waited for John to pay for his headphones - for which he got a bag for. I can't get over the fact that I did not get a bag and that I failed to ask for one. But at the time I figured that if I just waited, I would get one eventually. Then I thought that maybe they did not have bags big enough to fit my purchases, but I know see how that is irrelevant. If that was the case, I at least deserved some kind of explanation.

Why is it that when we are in a situation where we want something we think and know we deserve, we are always reluctant to ask for it? And then we kick ourselves later and feel stupid for not stating and seeing the obvious. And a little angry...even if it's over a stupid plastic bag.
Current Mood: aggravated

5th May 2005


The last few days have been pleasant. On Tuesday, I met up with Paola and we had a sushi dinner. The Miso soup (I'm not sure that's how you spell it) was good, and so was the grilled eel. Eeew right? I know it sounds gross but it was actually quite good. But to my disappointment the other kinds of sushi were sort of hit and miss. The salmon tasted "buttery". I know that it's an illogical description but that's what it tasted like. I think that the highlight of the sushi dinner was when I ate the squid sushi and let the pointed end hang from my mouth like a lizard or devil tongue while I went cross eyed. Paula thought it was hilarious. The other highlight happened in the bathroom. Calm down, it's not what you think, or maybe it is? Well, in the bathroom there is a ad for Japanese or Korean beer. Hey don't hate me I can't tell the difference and the truth is you probably cannot either. Anyway, the girl in the ad is smiling demurely in a long white dress that makes her look like a naughty virgin; it would make Britney Spears' mom take notes. Ok then. In the men's bathroom there is an ad with the same girl in it for the same brand of beer. The only overt difference is that in that ad she is wearing a bikini. I don't know about anyone else, but I have a feeling that this is not what one would call a coincidence.

After dinner we went to Demetris where it seemed like everyone in there was ordering decadent deserts just to spite me. Paola and I were enchanted with the waitress. She was so sweet and sort of clumsy in the most endearing way possible. You could tell that she was not a veteran waitress. She smiled too sincerely and looked down and the spoons in the most delicate way as she was placing them on the table. Anyway, Paola and I got into this conversation about how it's so awkward to be nice to people and to show genuine interest in them. I mean, how can you say "hey I think you are really nice, and I would like to get to know you more" without any sexual connotations and with uncompromising sincerity? People have too much fear of being bum if@&ked for that to happen. We told her she was nice and left her a good tip. But I probably cannot go back there for a while or else she might think that I am stalking her.

That night I could not sleep, I should have ordered decaf. It was 6 in the morning and I was awake as I heard my Dad getting ready to go to work. I was about to fall asleep when I heard the most righteous fart. It was so loud that I did not know whether to sit up as to be in a more comfortable position to laugh or to cry out of frustraion over my of insomnia.

Later that morning I met up with Jess at York and we went to luch at Panninno's. She really liked it, which was good. Aftewards we went to Chapters, and with a overpriced coffee in one hand and a stack of books in another, we indulged in our dorkiness. I actullay did not buy anything (sharp intake of breath, I know), but I have approximately 30 books or more that I have bought over the course of the past few weeks currently stagnating on my overcrowed book shelf. So maybe I'll just go to the library and take out the book I wanted to buy. Micheal Faulker, on the cultural history of insanity. It was an excellent recommendation.

Today at work, the treadmill was broken, and since we only have two, people got unnessesarily fiesty. It was such a nice day that I don't know why they didn't just go outside. After my shift I went running with Reena and my mom appeared out of nowhere. She is such a hypocrite, she made me swear never to go on the trail alone - yet there she was. I was not sure if it was her at first and when I called out "Mom?'' she started running the other way until I started running towards her. Then she stopped since she probably figured that I would eventually catch up to her. Thats her way of showing she cares, I guess.
Current Mood: full

4th May 2005

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2nd May 2005

9:05pm: I went into work to teach my children's program and no one showed up. Well, one kid did, but there was only 10 minutes left in the class. And the parent wanted the kid to stay longer. I don't get it at all.

Last night I told myself that I would go running today and I am glad that I did. Sunshowers (when it rains while the sun is out) left me restless though. Finally after what seemed to be the last impromptu down pour I held my breath and decided to venture out. To my luck it stayed sunny. Oh, and I saw 4 deers which was nice. They were small, but I do not know if it's because that is their normal size or if they weren't fully grown. I also went to bulk barn. I bought roasted soya beans which sound a little gross but actually taste quite good. I also bought some snoopy stickers. Hey, before you judge, they were supposed to be for the children I teach, but now I guess they are mine.
Current Mood: mellow

30th April 2005

9:07pm: When will the lovely Spring weather return? An entire week of grey bleakness. Good for reading on lazy afternoons and drinking warm tea or coffee with a favorite blanket. I was supposed to go out but I don't feel like it anymore. Like Milli Vanilli, I am blaming it on the rain. Besides, I have the kettle on and my favorite blanket is warm out of the dryer.
For the past 2 days I have not watched television and I already feel smarter. I encourage you to do the same. The thing is, I actually feel better when I don't watch it. So what's the use if I do?
Current Mood: good

26th April 2005

9:20pm: Happy Birthday Dad!
Today is my Dad's 45th birthday. He was so excited when he saw the Tiramisu cake I made for him. My brother got him a card that had a "I'm the boss" pin in it. It was hilarious seeing him smile like a five year old as he pinned it on his sweater. His face was even more priceless when we informed him that he had to give the pin back to Mom the next day. It's always the people who don't want to 'make a big deal' out of things that end up being the biggest sucks it the end. Today I indulged in watching Some Like it Hot. Tomorrow I am watching A Fish Called Wanda. I have priorities man.
I am reading The Golden Notebook, and I am beginning to harbor communist sympathies. On Saturday John and I went to our favorite used bookstore. I bought out the Alice Monuro collection since I have recently become a huge fan after reading Runaway. I also bought Memoir of a Geisha and the Five People You Meet in Heaven. John bought something by Dostoevsky...I forgot the name, but it's the one about the Russian prison.
Current Mood: calm

21st April 2005

9:29pm: I could not sleep last night, I was just tossing and turning.... and then I got up to drink some water, and later when I was about to fall asleep, I got a sudden urge to pee. By this time it was 4am. The walk to work was cold. No wonder I am getting sick, one day the sun is out the next its cold again. I worked out today and that's a good thing because it means that I should sleep well tonight. John came by for an impromptu visit and he brought me grapes. Yummy. I find myself wondering how I sat through another episode of the OC. I cannot help it. I would like to meet a real person named 'Summer'. I bet you they'd have a tan. Maybe I should look into finding a help group. Couch Potatoes anonymous. No, addicts of bad TV anonymous. I'd like them to provide "Hi my name is _____" stickers. Stale coffee and doughnuts.That would be fabulous. My dad's birthday is next Tuesday, and I am going to make him tiramiso. It's a good thing that parents exercise unconditional love.
Current Mood: groggy
12:59am: I was reading over my entries and I realized that I am fascinated with the concept of irony. I'm a dork.
Current Mood: amused
12:57am: It has been quite a while since I have updated this. Months have passed. I didn't realize how many people read this until almost everyone I know started complaining. For the record, it was a deadly combination of procrastination and extreme business that deterred me. It's a paradox, I know, but then so are most things in life. For instance, the new Pope, Benedict XVI, joined the Nazi youth at age 14 and then went on to join the army and become a fighter pilot. The articles that state this however, are quick to point out that he was not an actual Nazi, and that he did not sympathize with Nazi ideology. I guess that credential wasn't required for one to join the German army during WWII.
It's strange, the irony of it all. Hitler hated flowers in a room for decoration because he considered them dead corpses. I guess the human leather furniture was more comforting. Pope John Paul's declaration that there is no such place as hell both comforts me and bothers me. It's fine when I feel like I am saved from eternal salvation, but it's harder to exempt others.
People are debating whether Benedict will be a good leader for the church. Some say that he is too conservative. But then isn't tradition and conservativeness what inherently preserves ideology of any kind - an unwillingness to change? The church really should be concerned with it's own survival, and strict religious dogma facilitates this. But then that approach seems archaic in this day in age. If God is a God of love then he loves us all the same, from Benedict, to me, to Hitler and to you. I say find your own way, love others and try exercising empathy. Not that I am one to preach or anything.
Current Mood: relaxed

14th February 2005

8:41pm: Happy Valentine's Day!
Tostas Mistas and galaos yippee. What a nice way to kick start reading week, International Lovemaking Day. You know, it was the infamous Henry the VIII (yeah the one who killed his wives] who declared February 14 Valentine's Day. How's that for irony? Bloody good fun. Last week was a complete blur, and the brain fever induced by too mush caffeine and witting has made me forget all the details. I watched a little of the movie "Sylvia" and it made me a little depressed. I should have known, after all, it is a bio pic about the life of the tortured Sylvia Plath. Started reading 'The Pianoman's Daughter. It's rather good. It's quite good actually. Too bad Findley's dead, after a few chapters, I feel like giving him a hug.
Current Mood: calm

6th February 2005

11:38pm: HIP HIP HORRAY!
I had a moment of inspiration. Oh heavenly muse, how can I thank the for thy visit? Please come again tomorrow. My own mental faculties cannot hold a candle to thy brilliance. I finished my first page of the James Dean paper. I feel better now, as if I actually got something accomplished. It's ironic, really - how much I love witting and sometimes (most of the time) hate doing it. Perhaps hate is a strong word....more like avoid. Part of the problem is that I am too self critical. But then again, maybe that's a good thing. On to other news. My next door neighbors, who got married yesterday, came by this evening and dropped off enough food to turn all the Mary Kate Olsens of the world into Kirstie Allys. Seriously. They gave us two huge tubs of pasta, cannelloni, rice, lamb, vegetables and seafood. Not to mention an entire tier of their wedding cake. Either they must really like us, or are secretly plotting against us to make us fat. If we don't make a significant dent on the leftovers by tomorrow night, I am taking it all to work, where I'm sure someone will eat it :)
Current Mood: dorky

5th February 2005

9:00pm: I have been trying to write my 10 page comparative essay on the James Dean persona as depicted in Rebel Without a Cause and East of Eden. Good news or bad news first? Well, good news if that in 4 hours I have written 4 pages...the bad news is that all that's written on those four pages is qoutations and notes to myself. I guess that right now all I can do is leave it alone, and maybe I will some up with a thesis statement tomorrow. Alas, it is only due on Wednesday. That's still too soon. Writers block, why has thow forsaken me?
Current Mood: nervous

3rd February 2005

5:39pm: agh...my legs and my but are soo sore. I think I did one too many of sqauts. Sometimes pain is no gain, like in this situation for instance. Work was nice and the unusually warm weather put a spring in my step that I would have normally enjoyed if it wasn't for the pain running through my thighs. All day people who came in kept asking "are you tired?" That's got to do wonders for a girl's self esteem. Since I am a live journal virgin...actaully no, I lost it yesterday thanks to Nancy - I'm not sure who the hell will encounter my witty anecdotes about nothing. Hey if you are out there I can see you, or at least I think I can, and thinking is half the battle. Right. I'm hungry. I ate two bananas today. I love bananas.
Current Mood: restless

2nd February 2005

10:13pm: Ok take two and here we go....not much to say but this: eu gosto de taki
Current Mood: geeky
9:48pm: Yay I love you Nancy! This is exciting...dawn of a new era..I am connected
Current Mood: happy
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